Product Name: 03-CS19 Battery Tensioner
SKU: 03-CS19

The 03-CS19 Battery Tensioner is an automated version of the 03-MUL325 and 03-CHD/N and is comparatively stronger and faster than the other two products. This Battery Tensioner is a great alternative for high pressure operations that are constantly strapping heavy goods. The product is a new tool in our range of Polywoven Strapping tools which is specially designed for the use of our heavy-duty Polywoven Strapping.

Special Features

  •  It has a strong adjustable tension force (10 settings up to 800 daN/1800lbf)
  • It is faster than 03-MUL325 and 03-CHD/N (up to 100mm/x -3.15/16"s)
  • Handle is ergonomically designed for a balanced, one-handed operation
  • 18V lithium ion rechargeable batteries up to 200cycles, with a 30-minute charging time and a battery life indicator
  • Reliable tensioning even with multiple pallets or bundles are being secured because of the 10-clutch settings.

Usage Specification

  • Suitable for - Omni-tuff Polywoven Strapping
  • Suitable for strap widths - 19-32mm/3/4" - 1.1/4"

03-CS19 Battery Tensioner

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