Steel pallet cages are specially designed to hold items, products, and even tools and equipment in place that are hard to transport or store in cardboard boxes or pallets. Over the years, pallet cages have proven to be versatile as a fast and effective method to move or store goods, including agricultural products and individually packed industrial and consumer products.


At Daywalk, metal pallet cages are quite flexible and sturdily manufactured that they can be configured in various heights or customised for particular customers or products and individual requirements. Metal pallet cages are now a must-have alongside bins and pallets when it comes to short-term or long-term storage, distribution, and transport applications.


Daywalk pallet cage qualities:


Strong construction

Daywalk’s metal cages are constructed using sturdy high-durable steel that is needed for industrial equipment and products that require a larger space. Galvanised steel cages also prevent rust and corrosion from forming, thus, fully protecting items and products inside the cages, making it a cost-efficient investment.



Daywalk pallet cages have stackable feet that allow for easy transportation and storage. It is also assured that the cages are pallet racking and forklift compatible so they can be moved quickly with no trouble at all. A consistent 4-way entry design makes the cages compatible with all standard and Australian equipment. Assembled but empty pallet cages can be stacked four high and two high when loaded.  


Easy storage

Daywalk metal pallet cages can be disassembled quickly to save space and provide cost-efficient transport. Having pallet cages wherein sections are easily dismantled or demounted reduces the risk of injury to the workforce as well as the workload. When not in use, disassembled or foldable pallet cages can better maximise storage space.



The steel pallet cages make sure that items, goods, and products are not damaged in any way. Likewise, tools and equipment during shipping or in warehouses are primarily kept safe. Pallet cages can also secure goods against pilferage and tampering during transport and storage.


For better handling and storage solutions

Daywalk offers a wide range of metal pallet cages such as the Zinc International Stillage 800mmH. This cage is ideal for budget handling and storage purposes. It has fold-down gates that allow for easy access even when stacked. For additional durability, it has anti-tipping bars, steel mesh sides, and galvanised metal sheet flooring. Handling and transporting are made easy as it is stackable and can be moved by standard forklift or pallet jack. The zinc plated feature protects the cage from rusting and corrosion. A lockable lid is also available.


The Daywalk Shield Collapsible International Pallet Stillage – Double Width is a bigger and new line but still pallet racking compatible. It has half fold-down gates, anti-tipping bars, is galvanised, and with steel mesh sides. Its sheeted floor adds to its durability. It is fully collapsible to optimise storage space in warehouses when not in use. It will also fit into standard shipping containers.


When it comes to pallets, pallet cages, bins, and pallet collars, the Daywalk range will cover all storage solutions needs. To check out the full range of Daywalk metal pallet cages, click on their website at

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