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UV/CI Heat Shrink Plastic is Part of a 4-Step Preservation Methodology

The preservation of essential equipment and spare parts is critical in any industry, most notably in global mining, oil and gas, and defence. Moisture damage, corrosion, and rust can cause a lot of damage to metals, finances, and peace of mind. To achieve a real sense of peace of mind, a 4-Step Preservation Methodology can be implemented that involves the use of heat shrink plastic.

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How does the 4-Step Preservation Methodology Work?

  • Step 1 – Protect against corrosion

Protect metal equipment, spares, and parts with a heavy-duty protective peelable coating. (One such effective coating is from Daywalk seal n peel).

  • Step 2 – Protect from moisture

Moisture creep is real and is the cause of rust. Use indicating desiccant protection such as e-Gel and VCI emitters that can be reused over and over.

  • Step 3 – Protect from condensation

Like moisture creep, condensation can run havoc on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Using VCI paper to absorb condensation adds an extra layer of protection.

  • Step 4 – Enhanced outdoor protection

UV/CI Plastics offer outdoor protection from UV damage, dust, and other extreme elements.


Since we’re on the subject of UV/CI plastics, how do they work?


Sometimes called long-term plastics, these UV plastics offer triple performance protection for medium to large equipment or even parts placed in metal cages or pallets located outdoors such as in port areas.

  • UV Stabiliser – UV plastics protect anything under the sun (or rain) for more extended periods.   
  • Corrosion Inhibitor – An organic desiccant material is always added to UV plastics to reduce the chances of corrosion of metals.
  • Heat Shrinkable – This feature offers excellent restraining qualities for all vital spares, parts, and equipment during transit.


Other advantages of using UV plastics include availability in large bag, tubing, and sheet sizes, and can be customised into special sizes or as exact size preservation kits.


What is UV Plastic made of?

UV plastic, also called heat-shrink plastic or shrink wrapping, is used to cover a product or load loosely. It shrinks tightly when heat is applied. It is commonly made from polyolefin plastic.

Heat-shrink plastic is typically deployed to protect a single product against the elements. It can be used to combine smaller items together, or wrap several products together on a pallet. This plastic wrapping is mostly used to cover perishable food such as cheese, meats, and vegetables.

Heat-shrink plastic is quite protective because it even protects products against moisture damage. If the plastic is applied correctly, there will be no issues with surface damage or chafing while in storage or during transportation. It even has the option for ventilation. A heating machine, such as a heat gun, is important when using any heat-shrink plastic. Heat guns are necessary for more professional-looking wrapping.


Daywalk UV Plastics

Daywalk offers the best UV/CI heat shrink plastic in the market today. Whether you need UV plastic for transportation or storage purposes, Daywalk can fully assist you in the preservation of your valuable equipment, parts, and spares. For a competitive quote or any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to click on our website, https://daywalk.com/.