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Daywalk Brand Video

Daywalk® Group is an Australian-owned company with a global supply chain. The company specialises in long-term protection and storage solutions for critical spares and equipment. We are passionate about preventing wastage of resources and time. Hence, we continually innovate new solutions to help our customers achieve safer, more effective methods of Retaining, Restraining and Maintaining their assets, whether it be in the warehouse, or out in the field.Video Transcription

At Daywalk, we’re passionate about preventing wastage in the storage and the transport of your products.

Daywalk is Passionate, Solutions-based, and Interactive.

Okay, so I’m a business coach, my name is Charles Burnard, and I often go to businesses which unfortanately have toxic cultures. When I’ve come to Daywalk, I’ve never ever felt the need to do that. Daywalk has one of the best cultures I’ve ever found. It just helps drive an incredible sense of community. This business is special.

Being passionate is all about that inner feeling that bubbles up inside every step of the way.

Solutions-based: Why take no for an answer?

Interactive is about the people-side. The collaborating, the laughing, and the relationships.


If you need to get in touch with us, feel free to send us an email at sales@daywalk.com or simply use the contact page above.