Cardboard cartons are an exciting item! Where you need a cost-effective option for storage or transport of items, cardboard cartons are an excellent option.

There are a number of variations when you look at cardboard solutions, some of these factors are as follows:

  • Dimensions – length x width x height
  • Top and bottom configuration
    one of the most popular is what is know as Regular Slotted Carton (RSC); this simply means flaps top and bottom.
    Other cartons are designed with tabs that can be stapled to the pallet base.
    Others have flaps on the base and have no top flaps;
    you have the option then of ordering a separate lid
  • Cardboard thickness:
    * this is often represented by letters – say BCB etc. there are different flute and thickness options, some cartons can be in excess of 10mm thick.
  • Colour of carton:
    * Regular kraft-brown colour
    * White or other
  • Printing on your carton with specific brand information or product information

In the Daywalk range of cartons, there are options to be able to order a full-size pallet carton, then a half-size carton, then a quarter size carton. This model allows you to mix and match on a pallet, e.g. you can place 1 x half-size and 2 x quarter size cartons on a pallet to optimise space usage.

There are also offerings of Dangerous good cartons or hazmat cartons in a number of sizes: these cartons require extensive testing /engineering to be certified for the storage and transport of dangerous goods.

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