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Polywoven System


The Polywoven Strapping includes Dispeners and Accessories, Polywoven, Polywoven Buckles, Polywoven Tensioners. This video will show you how to use the Polywoven strapping products.


Video Transcription

Step 1: Thread strap in strapping lance. Then pass strap under the item using strapping lance.

Step 2: Bring the strap together at the top of the load. Weave the strap tail through the buckle – as per insert diagram.

Step 3: Pull the strap had tight

Step 4: Place the nose of tool into the buckle, pass the strap through the cutter tensioner.

Step 5: Tension the strap using the handle of the tool

Step 6: Once the strap is tight, cut the strap by compressing the handle of the tool.

Item code: 03-CHD/N
Description: Heavy Duty Polywoven Tensioner
– Nose piece for strapping round items
– Suits 19-25 mm Strap


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