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Home Blogs A Daywalk Project Solution: Using Enhanced Pallet Collar Solution to Improve Timber Pallets
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A Daywalk Project Solution: Using Enhanced Pallet Collar Solution to Improve Timber Pallets

In June 2019, Daywalk was tasked with a project that involved finding a cost-effective alternative to steel cages that would enhance the effectiveness and safety of restraint in warehouse racking.

Safety in restraining products stored at height

The warehousing division of a popular heavy industry organisation recently approached Daywalk with the need for a safe and secure way to make sure that products and parts that are stored at height are safely restrained on pallets.

Racking storage options for general warehousing use are generally designed in one way only, with no other design options. This single design is even expensive. Thus, the solution was to find a compatible design that would be cost-effective when used in a network of warehouses across Australia and also compatible to pallets and pallet racking. 


The solution

Modular timber pallet collars were all it needed for Daywalk to provide a cost-effective and efficient storage solution to enhance warehouse operations for multiple warehouses across Australia. The pallet collars are engineer-rated and modular to allow the client to customise the collars to the wide range of parts stored in warehouses while maintaining safety and lawful compliance for all warehouse operations.

Additionally, accessories such as spacer brackets for stacking and dividers, gives clients the edge for the efficient use of warehouse or storage space.

Wide range of industry uses

This storage solution using pallet collars with hardwood pallets can work with a wide range of industry segments such as mining and resources, construction, oil and gas, logistics, infrastructure and utilities, and defence.


…But, What is a Pallet Collar?

Pallet collars are a storage system that consists of wooden boards held together by hinges. By stacking pallet collars on wooden pallets, it is possible to form a protective box to a required height. 


Easy storage

When pallet collars are not in use or need to be transported, they can be easily folded so they take up less space. This is how the hinges are used. This flexible design makes pallet collars the best alternative to traditional wooden boxes that allows any clients to optimise their warehouse space. It is truly a safe and cost-effective solution.


To add to the advantages of pallet collars, dividers can be added so a standard-sized pallet with pallet collars can be used to store four to six different loose parts or products. Pallet collar lids can also be added to give additional protection to stored products against dust or the elements.


For more on pallet collars and other storage solutions such as pallet cages, bins, dunnage, and the like, you can enquire at Daywalk.