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Daywalk Rated Steel Pallet: The Better Alternative to Timber Pallets

You need a product that will store and transport heavy gear – we’re talking about gear that starts at 2 tonnes or more. You can forget about using timber pallets. While timber pallets are very strong, the potential of a board coming loose could have catastrophic outcomes. It’s common practice for operators to strap timber pallets even when they have no weight or load on them, but this doesn’t remove the possibility of timber boards coming loose during the strapping process, or even during transportation. Loose boards could literally fly off the back of a truck – the outcomes of such an incident can be very grave.

What you need are pallets or frames that ensure your operations are compliant with the new NHVR regulations regarding Chain of Responsibility.

Daywalk offers a range of Rated Steel Pallets, with the following features and benefits:

There are no ‘boards’ that can come loose. The construction of this tough range of a steel pallet comprises of heavy-duty walkway/grid mesh as the deck, including other structural steel components and rated lashing points. The range includes a number of sizes and WLL’s, ranging from a half pallet sized skid to a 3.5mx 1.5m unit and from 1 tonne to 10 tonnes.

What’s ideal about rated steel pallets is that they are all pre-engineered and bulk-produced, meaning that costs are reduced significantly. That’s not all: they’re an ex-stock item, which means that a customer can order as many as they need, and Daywalk will be able to provide.

As to the specific frames being misplaced or lost or mismatching with their supposed critical spares, this pain point is substantially reduced with the Daywalk rated steel pallets. This is because the multi-functional design of these units means that they can be used for multiple critical spares and not just one item.

In addition to this, Daywalk offers a value-added identification process on rated steel pallets. This can be delivered either through stencilling, plaques, or other tracking methods (including electronic methods such as RFID or barcoding). Some of these value-addons are complimentary.

There are also accessories for rated steel pallets.

There are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated bolt kits that can be used to hold your product secure on the rated steel pallets; so you have a choice either to use the lashing points or to use the Daywalk engineered bolt kits – or both.

Some sites have concerns about steel-on-steel (metal-on-metal), of course, which is why part of the range is the rated anti-slip matting that can be ordered either in roll form (in various thicknesses) or in pre-cut sizes to suit the decks of the pallets, allowing cut-outs where necessary for lug access.

The Daywalk R&D team are constantly investing resources in ensuring that the concept is cutting-edge. A support system, which integrates with the pallets and ensures that critical spares such as shafts, rolling stock, or other cylindrical surfaced items can be managed correctly, is currently in the works.

For any further questions about rated steel pallets, contact sales@daywalk.com.