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galvanised international cage for heavy equipments

DAYWALK’s Steel Cage Solutions, Purpose-built for Storage & Logistics

The mining industry in Australia plays a critical role in everyday life in supplying all the minerals critical to life today like Iron Ore, Coal and Aluminium. As the Australian mining industry continues to grow, the earthmoving industry also continues to grow and evolve. After all, the mining sector needs earthmoving equipment in order to function. This earthmoving equipment includes hydraulic excavators, loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes, and drilling tools, to name a few. Some mining logistics are also dependent on specialty design of logistics and storage cage equipement designed for the mining sector, such as steel cages and drilling tool baskets.

What is Design Logistics? 

Design Logistics is the design of systems or equipment that solve complex storage and transport challenges. Sometimes called Design for Logistics, these specially designed systems achieve class-leading safety and achieve important goals in the mining sector including large production through-put, cost-effectiveness and a reduced environmental footprint.

This “specialty” storage and transport equipment is designed so you can have your “thing where you need it, when you need it, the way you need it.”


Importance of Logistics for Mining and Earthmoving

The mining sector is a complex industry where the stakes are high and safety is of utmost importance. But the logistics chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and if the equipment that mines need isn’t transported and stored safely it can cause incidents to occur which can incur large WH&S and Chain of Responsibility non-compliance fines. Logistics doesn’t just include heavy equipment, but also the systems and equipment that solve storage and transporting complexities. Thus, the implementation of specially–designed logistics equipment is essential in the mining and earthmoving industry to improve safety and create efficiencies not previously possible with more primitive methods.

DAYWALK Products Specially Designed for Mining and Earthmoving

Galvanised International Cage 800mmH

The class-leading fully steel cage is galvanised for long years of heavy use, is stackable, 4-way compatible with pallet racking, and features forklift anti-tipping bars. The International collapsible stillage also contains removable half fold-down lockable gates and lids, with mesh sides and sheeted floor. These steel cages are ideal for storage and transport of mining equipment in the harshest of Australian environments.

(Other full-steel cage models available are 500mmH and 800mmH Double-Width Galvanised International Cage and Zinc Plated International Cage 800mm)

VisionMod Pallet-Based Cage 800mmH

The hardworking VisionMod pallet cage is a straight-forward unit with many great features to keep operators safe. These pallet cages come with two easy- access removable and hinged gates, providing easy access for parts and equipment being loaded or unloaded. The VisionMod is also stackable and pallet-racking compatible making for safe implementation into large supply chains. It is made with mesh sides that enables quick identification of goods that greatly improves organisation.

(Other pallet-based sizes available are 300mmH and 500mmH single VisionMod cages)


Ready to discuss your needs? Talk to the DAYWALK team by calling us on 1300 662 987 or send us your enquiry here. We provide systems and solutions to intricate design for logistics, storage, and transport challenges such as steel cages. We are ready to talk over your latest ideas and challenges in safe storage and transport.