Daywalk Water Resistant Edge Board

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15-EB1000 Edgeboard

It provides a sturdy corner protection method which ensures that your load remains secure and protected during transit.

Available Lengths:
1000mmx50x50x4 Edgeboard White
1800mmx50x50x4 Edgeboard White
2100mmx50x50x4 Edgeboard White

The biggest advantages of customers purchasing Daywalk Edgeboard is that it is water resistant – see pictures from the left.

We can also cut to size if you have a customised requirement.

We are an Australian Supplier, which means that the client has direct access to excellent customer support.

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We also sell: Tuff-Edge Mini Corners 50x50x50x4mm (1500/ctn)

Water Resistant Edgeboard

                                 Comparison of Daywalk Edgeboard vs Other brands
                          Other brands are proven to be inferior and not water resistant.

Tuff Edge Mini Corners

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Mini white EB
water resistant edge board

                                  Actual picture to show evidence of our lab testing