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heavy equipment handled by Daywalk steel pallet

Engineered Steel Pallets: How DAYWALK’s Patented Transport System Keep Your Loads Safe

When it comes to transporting or even storing unevenly shaped, oversized, or heavy equipment, machinery, and parts, DAYWALK Engineered Steel Pallets were created to bridge the gap between compliance and efficiency, and between cost-effectiveness and customisation.

Why is the DAYWALK system so unique?

steel pallets lined up

For load safety, get Daywalk Steel Pallets.

If solutions were placed on a spectrum, on the one end, you have the wooden pallet. It has a standard design, cost-effective, and off the shelf. On the other end of the spectrum, you have customised transport frames. They are engineered for certain specifications.

The problem with wooden pallets is that they can carry only light components and can easily sustain damage if the load is too heavy. For customised transport frames, though sturdy and reliable, are costly, take weeks to design, engineer, and build, and can carry only one specific load.

What DAYWALK does with its engineered steel pallets is to meet both compliance needs while saving money and time without using conventional customised solutions. And because these steel pallets come in different sizes and weight loads, they are supported by DAYWALK’s array of support accessories such as hold-down bolts, chocking systems, spreader plates, and anti-slip mats. These, in turn, can be backed by DAYWALK’s collection of outer covers, atmospheric conditioning products, safety strapping, and much more.

The DAYWALK transport system is unique because it combines strength, durability, quality, and a broad range of selections in just one system.

Ease of use

The Daywalk transport system is created for ease of use, so each pallet or support component can be versatile for several loads and not just a single specified load. The whole system is versatile because there is a wide range of pallet sizes, weight loads, and support components to choose from to suit your specific needs.

The whole system is what DAYWALK calls the modular ‘Meccano’ system. The entire system is designed to suit a wide variety of different applications that gives clients versatile options to choose from.

For instance, DAYWALK steel pallets come in different sizes, lengths, widths, and weight load. DAYWALK bolts can be used to secure loads such as gearboxes and other standard loads. DAYWALK chocking system can secure cylinders. DAYWALK adjustable legs can secure uneven loads like pumps. The whole system provides ‘easy-to-specify’ options. And if these aren’t enough, DAYWALK has other specialised engineered accessories and an in-house design team to suit extraordinary transport needs.

Complete Safety Assurance

heavy loads safely handled by steel pallets

Secure loads with Daywalk Steel Pallets.

At DAYWALK, being assured of the safety of your load means the solution can handle anything. This means even if the truck suddenly brakes or if the load is shaken up, it remains on the pallet, and protects other road users. It reaches its destination without sustaining any damage.

This is why the whole DAYWALK transport system is engineered to correct government compliance and safety standards. Everything is correctly logistics engineered and certified from the different standard steel pallet sizes, hold down bolts, chocking systems, spreader plates, anti-slip mats, up to the custom pallet attachments. 

Thus, the whole transport system is engineered and certified to carry loads securely and safely while upholding the load’s integrity when subjected to external forces. The whole system is compliant with the 2018 Load Restraint Guide and assists with Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance. Each pallet and its supporting accessories completely comply with Australian government standards. This assures all DAYWALK clients that the system gives them peace of mind and proper safety assurance.


With DAYWALK’s unique transport system, including its durable steel pallets, you can be assured of your load’s safety and security. Call us on 1300 662 987, and let’s discuss your next project or any special needs. You can also enquire from us HERE.