Seal’n’Peel FAQs

Below are some of our frequently asked questions about our Seal’n’Peel product range.. If you have any questions we recommending seeing if they are already answered below, alternatively you can contact us directly to speak to one of our friendly staff.

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Are there colour options?
At this stage, Seal’n’Peel is produced in silver only.

What are the pack sizes?
North American standard pack size is one gallon/4L. Quart (1L) and sample pint (500mL) tins are also available.

What are the hazards to the users, on a Scale of 1-10? (Breathing, hands)
To give a frame of reference; if a two pack polyurethane coating (the most widely used topcoat in the energy sector) was a 10, Seal’n’Peel would be a 6.

Is it toxic?

Is Seal’n’Peel carcinogenic?
None of the Seal’n’Peel products or their ingredients are classified as carcinogens

When applying and removing should gloves be worn? Special type of gloves?
Yes gloves should be worn. The gloves must be solvent resistant.

How long is delivery from purchase date (relating to availability of product in Houston/USA.)
On the basis that the product is in stock, the lead time is 10-15 days.

Can Seal’n’Peel be used on Stainless Steel?
Seal’n’Peel OGS is compatible with stainless steel surfaces, brass, other alloys. For more information, contact and we will forward your enquiry to our Coatings Testing Team.

Additionally, Seal’n’Peel 452 is compatible with mild steels and carbon steels, aluminium. For more information, contact and we will forward your enquiry to our Coatings Testing Team.

Can it be thinned down?
Yes, we do have Seal’n’Peel thinners available for purchase. However, the product is typically used in the form in which it is produced. The product must be stirred thoroughly before use.
If thinners was combined with the paint, this would extend drying time, but not compromise the integrity of the coating.

How do I stir this product?
Using a paint stirrer stick, stir thoroughly for five minutes to ensure total consistency within the product.

 How do you apply it?
Seal’n’Peel 452: Brushable/rollable

Seal’n’Peel OGS: Brushable/rollable and sprayable (by means of a pressure pot or airless spray gun)

Other Information:
Spraying Seal’n’Peel OGS, use an airless spray gun with a 20:1 pump ratio and a 17-23 thou tip. Control pump pressure at approximately 1500 psi. Use Seal’n’Peel thinners 5 at up to 10% to reduce coating viscosity for ease of spraying. Compensate for the thinners by applying a greater wet film build.

How long does it take to apply?
Owing to the fact that the product has such a short drying time, the application time is very efficient. Refer FAQ 15 for touch dry time.

When applying Seal’n’Peel to product, how thick should product be applied to be effective and to peel off easily?
Thickness required depends to a certain extent on the substrate being protected however the film should be a minimum of 200 microns to be easily peelable.

What is the standard coverage of the product?
Approximately 1 square metre per litre, or 30-40 square foot per gallon, based on 250um/10 thou.

After applying product what is the setting time? How does temperature affect the drying process?
OGS is touch dry in 10 minutes and 452 in 5 minutes at 25°c. This time will approximately halve at 45°C (113°F) and double at 1°C (33.8°F)

What do I use to clean up brushes and apparatus?
The best way to clean brushes is by letting the brush soak in cleaning solvent (Butyl Acetate) for 5 minutes then shake the brush against the bottom of the container with the cleaning solvent. Repeat until all traces of Seal n Peel are gone from the brush and let the brush dry on a rack or similar.

What is the best method or way to peel off product?
It is usually easiest to start at a corner or edge. Make a small cut in the film with a Stanley knife or similar taking care not to damage the substrate. Begin peeling from the cut edge.

What is the shelf life of the product (also when opened)?
Unopened, 12 months

Opened, 6 months * ensure that the product is completely sealed.

Can I dispose of it in a standard garbage bin?
Once the product is cured it is an irreversible reaction and the film is inert meaning it can be disposed as landfill waste.

Why choose Seal’n’Peel?
Seal’n’Peel eliminates oxygen on the surface, thus ensuring rust-free results.

Is it cost effective?
Yes, Seal’n’Peel will save thousands of dollars that would be otherwise wasted on the preparation and rework of critical spares if other product or oils are utilised.

How long has the product been made?
442 and 452 have been made for over 20 years and OGS approximately 18 months.

Are there any liabilities or lawsuits against the product?