In today’s advanced global technological capabilities, combined with the evolving use of raw materials, a variety of product options can now be offered. One of these is now the polywoven strapping in the freight and transport industries.


There have been long-held perceptions in the past that polywoven strapping was no match versus steel strapping when it came to securing heavy loads. This no longer holds water. The materials now used to make strapping are more highly advanced. These new strapping materials come with many unique and proven benefits that now make polywoven strapping a trusted choice in today’s industrial marketplace.


Increased Safety Benefits

Polywoven strapping is safer to handle than steel strapping. When rolls of equal length are compared, polywoven strapping is considerably lighter. Polywoven offers better safety to users and handlers as it does not have the sharp edges usually found on steel straps. Polywoven strapping’s dull edges prevent cuts and damages on gloves, skin, and forklift tires.


Once polywoven strapping has been removed, workers can easily gather up the used strapping and dispose of them at closed-loop recycling programs.


Reduced Environmental Impact

The overall environmental impact of polywoven strapping is much lower than steel. This is because when manufactured, polywoven materials are extruded from raw resins. On the other side or the coin, steel needs to be forged and requires large amounts of energy.


Polywoven straps are easily recycled to manufacture another set of strapping. This reduces environmental impacts and waste. Also, since polywoven is lighter, it reduces overall load weights. This creates fuel savings when moving goods.


Increased Performance and Durability

Polywoven strapping is formulated to have similar properties with steel, thus, providing many performance advantages. It has memory retention and excellent elongation that helps the straps stay tight when loads contract and expand. These characteristics help the straps absorb impact without breaking or losing the ability to retain the load. Polywoven is the best choice for loads that shrink and settle because of the weather. This characteristic to stretch and maintain strength proves ideal for lumber loads. Polywoven is resistant to the elements even when stored outdoors, so, unlike steel that rusts when wet, polywoven strapping will not stain products on pallets or cages.


Current strapping products available from Daywalk include:

  • Polywoven Strap 19mm 840kg Break Strain
  • Polywoven Strap 19mm 1000kg Break Strain
  • Polywoven Strap 19mm 620kg Break Strain
  • Polywoven Strap 31mm Hi-Vis 2300kg Break Strain
  • Polywoven Strap 19mm Hi-Vis 1100kg Break Strain
  • Polywoven Tensioner 19mm
  • Accessories:
    • Polywoven Buckles – 32mm, 19mm, 16mm.
    • Polywoven Ladder Buckle 34mm


When it comes to restraining loads, Daywalk offers the best alternatives to steel strapping for heavy loads. Daywalk looks after every strapping need with their full Polywoven and PET systems. Visit their website at and take a look at their wide range of products.

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