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How to Minimise Risk in Your Transport

The safe and legal transportation of heavy cargo and equipment is no easy task. When handling massive pieces of equipment and machinery or heavy loads of parts and other metals, a set loading, transportation, and unloading protocol should be the only practice for the sake of safety. Transporting heavy loads is among the most risk-prone activities in the transportation industry. The risks companies face may vary, but these may include transport integrity and safety, driver safety and retention, and compliance issues. Some of these risks are directly impacted by outside forces such as extreme weather, road conditions, and even traffic. In the name of compliance, safety, and risk management, transport companies are encouraged to use compliant systems that comply with the Chain of Responsibility such as, steel pallets, and modular transport frames.

Risks of component transport

When companies talk of transport risks or risk management, they usually focus on risks that can develop offhand or be overlooked such as regulatory oversight of transportation safety regulations, deteriorating infrastructure and driver/worker injuries.

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However, the biggest risks for any trucking transportation company are accidents caused by failure of the company to use the proper restraint method, transport frame or tie-downs to secure the heavy cargo or equipment. In this case, this completely points to neglect in properly securing the heavy load, facilitating an accident, or at least causing damage to the load.

Some companies address the risk of properly securing heavy loads by customising their transport frames, especially for heavy cargo and equipment such as gearboxes, drills, pumps, valves, and engine blocks. But a customised transport frame may sometimes be only minimally compliant to structural standards and not for transportation. Also, since the transport frame is customised, it is made only for a specific component and is therefore for single-application use only. This means that customisation is expensive and time-consuming in designing and manufacturing.

When it comes to transport frames, DAYWALK and its patented transport frame system makes customisation obsolete, while minimising the risk of damaged cargo and loads, and is engineered to be fully compliant to regulations.

How can DAYWALK reduce your risk?

Daywalk has logistically engineered a series of products and accessories that can be used without any customisation while being able to interchange with each other to conform to any heavy cargo or equipment to be transported. The Daywalk patented transport system is called the “Meccano System.”

steel pallets from Daywalk

For steel pallets and other transport frame systems, go to Daywalk.com.

Daywalk’s transport frame system uses a variety of steel pallets for a variety of weights, load capacities, and sizes. The steel pallets are supported by a range of accessories such as the Daywalk Patented BoltsDaywalk Chocks, and Daywalk Adjustable LegsThe bolts are used to secure the pallet load and can be moved around depending on the load. Chocks are used for cylindrical or round-shaped loads where there are no flat base feet/ supports present. Adjustable legs secure much larger and oversized or bulky loads. Anti-slip Mats are also used to remove the danger of steel-on-steel contact.

The Daywalk patented transport frame system and logistics engineering means that its products are designed and manufactured to meet all government standards and regulations. They are designed to uphold any integrity when subjected to sudden harsh forces. Each pallet and its accessories is logistically-engineered for the safety and transportation of even the heaviest of loads.

The DAYWALK solution

Daywalk is a fully-owned Australian company that is making its mark in the global supply chain. The company uses improved logistics engineering to seek out less costly ways to transport without compromising load security and safety. Call us today for your special projects or transport concerns that involve transport frames or steel palletsJust dial 1300 662 987. You can also send your enquiries HERE.