Let’s talk about wedge-beam dunnage. But first, an example:

Active Trade Services, a local company that does extensive maintenance and fabrication work across a number of industries, has let a team from Omni-tuff take a series of photos of the wedge-beam dunnage supporting the larger size medium-diameter piping that was in Active’s yard. Check out the video below:

The video displays wedge-beam dunnage in action: supporting a number of pipings with different lengths that were up for dispatching early the following week. Based on the comments the Omni-tuff team had gotten from Active, the dunnage worked well as support for the piping despite the differences in pipe length and size.


What makes wedge-beam dunnage special? Or better yet, what makes wedge-beam dunnage ideal as a long-term storage solution compared to any other material handling service?


The common, popular option for short-term storage or transport dunnage is timber dunnage. Timber dunnage offers good value-for-money, and if one needs a tough solution for storage purposes, hardwood dunnage can be effective ⎼ if one only needs a short- to medium-term storage solution that keeps goods off the ground while providing space for fork tines or chains to pass through.


However, timber dunnage is prone to rotting and weather-induced deterioration. It’s also susceptible to damage from heavy loads or handling equipment. This means that timber dunnage can be risky for long-term use, due to the effects of constant handling and natural deterioration that can be caused by exposure to nature and other elements.


This is where Omni-tuff’s wedge-beam dunnage comes in.


The wedge-beam dunnage is a composite/plastic dunnage that has weather-proof qualities. Wedge-beam dunnage is also not required to comply with the ISPM15, which is a requirement that timber dunnage must meet before being implemented in international logistics processes.


One of the advantages of wedge-beam dunnage over timber dunnage is that it can accommodate piping that’s anywhere from 100mm to 400mm in diameter, and from 4m to 12m in length. The wedge-beam dunnage is designed so that pipe lengths can be layered on top each other with dunnage laid in between lengths. The wedge-beams act as retainers for the piping, keeping them in place.


The wedge-beam dunnage has been tested in Australia and has relevant certification, which provides a qualified and articulated reference point for end users, such as engineers. This exactness in terms of specifications elevates the wedge-beam dunnage as an ideal storage solution above the timber dunnage.


Omni-tuff’s wedge-beam dunnage, as well as other material handling services, are available for bulk orders, and can be pre-embossed or otherwise marked with your company branding depending on order quantity and individual requirements.