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Metal Cages Can be Used in the Fight Against Rust and Corrosion

Safety incidents in heavy industry cause unnecessary loss of life and estimated billions in damages and compliance fines throughout the global economy. Unfortunately, it is a problem that can be avoided or is preventable.


Of course, many companies today realise the problem and are implementing measures to protect staff and avoid project completion delays caused by incidents and hazards.


However, there is another method of long-term protection against the critical damage caused by rust and corrosion. Companies can actually preserve what they currently need to be stored or while transporting or shipping parts, spares, and products without fear of replacing damaged or corroded assets.


One simple solution is to use metal cages.

 metal cages 

If parts, spares, and goods are protected adequately from falling off the racks or while in transport, a huge percentage of costs can be saved that would otherwise be invested in replacing what has been damaged or in need of re-working. So, why not use metal cages to protect or store other metals?


The best and simplest answer is that metal cages – such as those manufactured by Daywalk for the below reasons:


Rated and Pallet Racking Compatible – Rated to suit up to 1.2T WLL of equipment storage, these transport cages are heavy duty. Added to that, they fit into racking, preventing safety incidents from falling equipment.


Durability – being manufactured from galvanised steel, metal cages are strong and durable and proves to be economical since they can carry more load and weight compared to using ordinary pallets or wooden boxes.


Stackable – even when loaded, metal cages can be stacked up to two high. They are then easily folded and collapsible and stacked for easy storage until they are used again. When stored away, they take up very little space.


Transport Compatible – all metal cages manufactured by Daywalk are compatible with forklifts and pallet trolleys.


Options for removable fold-down gates or lockable lids – removable fold-down gates give access to anything stored inside the metal cages without the need to forklift out the whole metal cage. The gates can also be used to inspect goods inside the metal cage while in transit. Lockable lids allow anything inside the steel cages to be kept in storage safely and preventing theft or pilferage.



For more information on the complete line of Daywalk steel cages, visit the Daywalk website at https://daywalk.com/.