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At DAYWALK, we design and engineer compliant storage and transport solutions for industry. We create innovative solutions that save lives and return operators safe home each day. Our end-to-end solutions and training are built to evolve heavy industry environments in both safety and efficiency so that you can increase uptime in your operation. Life is precious to us so we never compromise on safety or quality in any of the solutions we offer, which gives you the assurance you cannot find anywhere else, but with DAYWALK.


At DAYWALK, our drive is to protect and enhance lives, through innovative engineered solutions and preventative safety training. We value life and well-being foremost and are accountable for the safety of others. We continue to work with industries and people who share in our united vision.

DAYWALK Latest Insights

Why are Single-Application Transport Frames Not a Viable Choice?

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Single-application frames, specifically transport frames, are customised or specialised frames that are essential elements for a wide range of applications. These can cover many heavy industries. To manufacture them, they…
Daywalk training session

What Really is Chain of Responsibility?

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Chain of Responsibility (CoR) is legislation that covers all parties involved in or in control of any process in any chain of supply. Those involved in this supply chain are…
reusable covers by daywalk

VCI Covers: The Role of Reusability in Parts Preservation

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What is the impact of reusable plastic? Anyone vigilant and resourceful enough to do detailed research will find that environmental activists have never picked up a single plastic pallet, large…