Steel Cage Safety Upgrades



June 2020


– Storage Solutions
– Supply Chain
– Compliance Solution
– Safety Management


– Defence


Painted, non-racking compatible cages failed to meet high compliance standards.

The Joint Logistics Unit (JLU) contacted Daywalk with a challenge around the use of lead-based paints on their current warehousing cages, which was not only a risk to workers’ health but was also attracting attention of national compliance teams as a high priority to address. The cages were also incompatible with Standard Australian pallet racking, posing a major safety risk of cages falling out of the racking when in storage


Zinc-plated, racking compatible cages for safety and peace of mind.

Daywalk was consulted to determine corrective actions that address the issues identified in the customers risk assessment. A safer, racking compatible pallet cage solution was developed with a zinc-plated finish, meeting all compliance standards. The project delivery was coordinated and managed nationally by Daywalk, with cages being delivered on time to customer specifications, to 8 locations across the country. Furthermore, the cages were assembled by disability services in line with Daywalk’s People First ethos, supporting Aussies living with disability.

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