In warehousing management, logistics and delivery are critical and must be handled with utmost efficiency and effectivity. Effective management of logistics and deliveries is an essential part of the growth and development of any company’s warehouse. This is why it is highly crucial that a company choose a proper storage container such as pallet cages for precise logistics and delivery. While storage requirements may vary in different industries, pallet cages can generally be used for almost any type of load.

VisionMod Pallet Cage 300mmH w/ 2 x Gate

Strength with Visibility

Pallet cages have a steel mesh side that offers a good deal of visibility, as well as providing strength. Visibility of goods or materials plays an integral part in logistics management in terms of confirmations and inspections. Visibility also makes the job of separating assets and loading them more manageable for workers. The mesh side also ensures that goods and materials are not damaged and are well protected. Cage doors also assure easy access and added safety against theft since the doors can be locked. Visibility and strength plus security. Those aspects are important in logistics and delivery.


Rust and Corrosion Free

Using the same metal containers or cages for logistics and deliveries means exposing cages to varying climate conditions. If the metal cages or containers are not well protected, this can often result in corrosion or rust. Corrosion can degrade the quality of goods or materials. Thus, any company will need a metal container or cage that is corrosion-free.


As a case in point, Daywalk’s line of VisionMod Timber-based Pallet Cages will perfectly suit any logistics or delivery requirement in almost all industries. The galvanised steel finish prevents the cage against corrosion while keeping goods and materials safe and secure. With these cages in use, corrosion becomes a thing of the past for logistics management.


Flexible plus Customisable

Another great benefit of pallet cages is that they can be customised if a company has a unique requirement for a specific piece of equipment. After all, the requirements for your company’s deliveries or logistics may be different from other standard practices. Instead of compromising with anything less, your company can have pallet cages, or even metal cages, specially designed to suit the unique needs of your business or products.


The same flexibility and customisation are applicable if there is a special requirement for any warehouse storage system.


Daywalk VisionMod Pallet Cages

The Daywalk line of VisionMod timber-based pallet cages is the leading choice for any warehouse or industry. Our pallet cages, metal cages and other containers and bins will prove highly beneficial for any industry or company to enhance growth and performance pertaining to logistics and delivery. Give us a call and tell us about your experience and needs. We can find something for you and your requirements. We can ensure that with these cages and containers the logistics and delivery in your company will run smoothly. For a full quote, visit the Daywalk website at

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