Pallet Collars Series, Cages, Steel Pallets: The innovative solutions in the Daywalk Retain Range

Daywalk has a range of products categorised under RETAIN – products that are focused on storing your equipment and critical spares safely. Under the RETAIN range are timber products, such as timber dunnage, timber pallets and skids, and timber pallet collars.

Timber dunnage is used mostly to chock heavy equipment off the ground so as to give forklifts or other machinery access under the item. In certain applications, users of the product will look for a strapping groove on one side of the dunnage to have a guided path for the strapping.

Timber pallets and skids are multi-functional as they can be made to any specification and with as many or few boars as the job dictates. Timber pallets can be manufactured from hardwood or softwood. There are many grades, depending on whether the pallets are being used for long-term storage or for a one-time trip, after which the timber pallets and skids are then disposed of.

The timber pallet collars series have become highly popular because of the number of accessories available that make the pallet collar an extremely useful and functional system. Such accessories range from dividers, hold-down brackets, lids, to collars  – all of which are used in many warehouses.

There are plastic options available in the Retain product range, which includes plastic dunnage, plastic pallets, and plastic pallet bins. Plastic – or composite – dunnage is a very good alternative to timber dunnage, particularly for when you need a rugged, weather-resistant solution. Engineered plastic dunnage is ideal for certain applications, such as in the Oil & Gas sector. With the Oil & Gas sector, the Daywalk Wedgebeam dunnage is a good option to choose.

Meanwhile, industrial plastic pallets have specific functions. Some sites prefer plastic pallets over timber, to address or avoid the requirements for timber regarding exports, customs, and fumigation. There is a huge range of plastic pallets – from single-use plastic pallets to long-term storage applications. These pallets need to be compatible with pallet racking and compliant with safety requirements of these heavy industrial sites.

Plastic pallet bins – both collapsible and rigid – are ideal for end-users in need of weather-resistant bin options.

Then there are steel products in the Daywalk Retain solutions. These products are rated steel pallets, steel cages, and stillages.

Rated steel pallets are designed to give the operator peace of mind particularly with the increasing of standards in the area of Chain of Responsibility. The range includes a number of sizes of pallets with lashing points and a number of different weight capacities. The use of these pallets removes the fear of timber pallets’ boards coming loose during transportation or storage.

Steel cages and stillages give the end-user extra assistance in ensuring that goods are not going to roll off the flatbed of a pallet.

There are a number of different names for these units, but often, “timber cage” is the term given to a steel mesh unit that is placed on a timber pallet. The steel cage is bolted or screwed onto the pallet.

A steel stillage is often the name given to an all-steel unit – i.e. the base and side are all fabricated from steel members and sheet and mesh.

Certain units are bolt-together while others are collapsible.

The Daywalk Retain range includes a large number of products. Contact the team today and they will work closely with you to create the safest long-term storage solution for your equipment and critical spares.

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