The challenge

The existing unrated and uncertified transport methods of this client mean that there was no assurance when the repaired or used gearboxes were to be transported. The understanding of the Chain of Responsibility legislation and the fines that go along with a breach, the cost of non-rated was far more than the once off purchase price. (example below)

Unrated Base
Inadequate Restraint
Easily Degradable

The Solution

With a modular, rated and certified solution, DAYWALK was able to offer a range of 12 sizes to this client so that they can BeAssured of a great result. With DAYWALK’s load restraint system and flexible design, nearly any gearbox could be compliantly transported and handled between usage, storage and return through the truck network. (example below)

Load Restraint Bolts
Spreader Plates
Modular Deck
Lashing Lugs

 150mm Hold Down Bolt

3T Steel Pallet

250mmx250mm Spreader Plate

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