Daywalk Preservation Range | Heat Shrink Plastics

Daywalk is a market leader in assisting companies preserve their critical spares and equipment. Companies we work with include globally recognised organisations in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Defence. It is through our unique 4-Step Preservation Methodology that we help achieve our clients achieve peace of mind that corrosion and moisture damage are prevented.



Step 1. Corrosion Protection
Protect surfaces from corrosion with this heavy-duty protective coating. Paint on when you need it, peel off at installation. Seal’n’Peel Is a heavy-duty protective coating product. It’s ready to paint on when you need it and peel off at installation. Seal’n’Peel:

  • Is a silver coating available in brushable or sprayable form.
  • Is applied in 2-3 coats to the desired surface such as the raised face of a flange.
  • Can be used on multiple metallic surfaces including stainless steel.

Step 2. Moisture Protection
Protection from moisture damage using indicating desiccant. Observation window shows e-Gel changing from orange (unspent) to dark green (spent). Can be dried out and re-used.

Step 3. Protection from Condensation and Corrosion
VCI Paper
Protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals during storage and transportation. VCI paper absorbs condensation and emits a corrosion inhibitor for an extra layer of protection during storage and transportation.

Step 4. Enhanced Outdoor Protection
UV/CI Plastics or Foils
Protection from UV damage, dust and corrosion with heat shrink UV/CI Plastic or Foil products. Available in sheet, bags and tubing.

Long-Term Plastics


How do UV Plastics Work?

Daywalk long-term plastics have triple protective performance. UV stabilizer protects your for longer periods of time, Corrosion Inhibitor reduces the corrosion of metals, and its Heat shrinkable property provides excellent restraint qualities for your critical spares and equipment during transit.


UV Stabiliser

  • With this component in our Daywalk Plastics, you have peace-of-mind that your products will be protected for longer periods of time from the rays of the sun.

So how do I make this easy for my team?

We provide Preservation Kits, which have all the above components inside them. We can also customise Kits for your team to suit your exact preservation requirement. Request a quote below:

Corrosion Inhibitor

  • An organic material added to our Daywalk Plastics which reduces the corrosion of metals.

Heat Shrinkable

  • With this feature, our Daywalk Plastics provide excellent restraint qualities for your critical spares and equipment during transit.