Pallet Heat Shrink Solutions

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Transporting components can be challenging, especially if you don’t have all the safety protocols in check. Bear in mind that you must protect the equipment thoroughly before it sets off to its destination. When shipping essential equipment, it’s advisable to wrap it with pallet heat-shrink film.

  • This product keeps machinery and equipment safe from external elements, ensuring excellent condition after transit.
  • The heat shrink starter kit is ideal for on-site applications and keeps all kit components such as the gas bottle, repair tape, plastic and other essentials, together.
  • Options for UV stabilised and Corrosion Inhibiting (with eVCI) elements

Benefits of a Pallet Heat Shrink

Heat-shrink plastic is a convenient way to store or transport your goods. You will require a pallet
heat shrink gun to wrap the items, and enjoy these advantages:

  • You can BeAssured your items will be protected from rust and degradation in storage and transport.
  • Heat-shrink-covered equipment remains in a safe cocoon. The wrapping protects it from damage and allows storage of the item anywhere.
  • Pallet heat shrink bags deter potential thieves. Once covered, it’s secure and easy for receiving to notice tampering.

Trust Us for Your Pallet Heat Shrink Wrap

We have everything you need to start heat shrink-wrapping your goods. It’s a crucial aspect of storing and transporting products and one of the ways you can ensure their safety from external damage. Our one-stop shop supplies all the items you need to protect your goods in storage and transit.

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