Peelable Rust Protection Solutions



June 2020


– Parts/ Equipment Protection
– Sustainable Preservation
– Peelable Technology


– OEMs & Engineering


Ineffective rust prevention methods

The existing rust prevention methods were proving ineffective for the conditions the metal parts were exposed to. With oils and waxes that can rub or wash off easily, this was not proving effective for rust prevention. The resulting potential rework, cost and time associated with poor rust prevention, meant that the client was looking for a more effective rust prevention method for their critical metal parts.


Complete Peelable Protection

To meet the customer’s need, DAYWALK was able to offer our world-class SKN45 Aerosol solution to prevent rusting of critical parts and components. The SKN was able to offer a fast application time, quick drying capability, complete rust prevention and easy peel-off removability. This super-prevention solution gave the client complete peace of mind that their critical metal parts including sprockets would be protected while in storage.

Is easy to spray or bush on
Provides complete rust prevention
Fast drying time with immediate protection
Very easy to peel when the part is needed

Absolutely fantastic... saving us lots and lots of rework. Easy to apply... easy to remove. The difference that SKN makes is amazing... it is amazing how well this stuff works.

Warehouse Manager, Mining OEM

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    Article Name
    Critical Components Covered
    A mechanical OEM collaborated with Daywalk for complete protection of metal parts and equipment to remove the need for rework due to rust. With this, Daywalk provided a complete peelable protection solution for metal components.