Transport Cages Upgrade



February 2021


– Transport Solutions
– Supply Chain
– Compliance Solution
– Safety Management


– OEM’s & Engineering


Unrated and uncertified solutions not safe enough

The minerals processing company had a challenge with their small spares and how they can be stored and transported safely. The existing solution was not rated for transport or certified to travel which presents a challenge for the supply chain.


Super Duty Transport Cages

DAYWALK worked with the client from design concept through engineering, manufacturing and delivery to make sure every detail was right and the 3.5T solution would meet the harsh demands of the transport environment. The stackable, collapsible transport rated cages are a first for the industry and mean that the client can have complete assurance in that the small parts that will travel in these cages will be safely delivered to destination each and every time. The point load of the small spares was assessed through our complete testing process to make sure that this super duty cage will creating safer journeys.

3.5T dynamic rating
Stackable up to 2 high
Collapsible to maximize transport space
Super Duty Construction
Racking and Forklift Compatible
Article Name
Lead-Painted Cages Compliance Challenge Solved
Joint Logistics Unit reached out to Daywalk for Steel Cage Safety Upgrades. With this, Daywalk provided safety management, and compliance and storage solutions.