Omni-tuff Spill Containment Pallet - Bunded Drum

Omni-tuff's Bunded Pallet is a secure and reliable spill containment pallet facility that prevents any accidental spills and leaks when storing and transporting drums that contain oils and other chemicals.  Storage and spillage containment facilities like dangerous storage drums and bunded pallets are strictly required by the Dangerous Goods (storage and handling) Regulations of 2012 and as well as the Australian Standards, which means that this is not an option but a necessity.  Following the strict implementation of this dangerous goods handling guideline would greatly ensure safety and protection of both your warehouse management team and the environment.

Bunded Pallets are made to ensure that preventive measures are being taken cared of in your workplace. Omni-tuff showcases three (3) types of Bunded Pallets: Bunded Pallet (2 Drums), Bunded Pallet with Grate (4 Drums), and Bunded Pallet to fit in Racking (4 Drums).

Bunded Pallet holds 2 drums Dangerous Goods Storage
Bunded Pallet 4 Drums with Grate Dangerous Goods Storage
Bunded Pallet 4 Drums fits Racking

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