Steel Cage Project Capability

Upgrade Safety & Efficiency in Your Racking

Seamlessly & painlessly upgrade your warehouse racking safety with a wide range of racking-compatible, ergonomic and space-efficient solutions.

“Daywalk’s excellence in keeping us informed and periodical reports was exceptional… as a result, Cleanaway was able to deliver on time and meet all contractual requirements…” “Nothing was too much of a challenge for those guys.”

Cleanaway Brisbane

If you have challenges with safety incidents and compliance failures in your warehouse, you couldn’t be in a better place.

Safety on site, in laydown yards and in storage warehouses is paramount. In an environment where the stakes are high and dealing with heavy equipment is the norm, precautions and safety measures need to be at an equally high level to mitigate the exceptional risks.

Along with taking necessary care whilst moving around site and carrying out mining operations, this also means taking simple steps like ensuring safety in pallet racking storage through the use of pallet racking compatible pallets and cages, sufficiently restraining items in storage racks and making sure outdoor storage racking is engineered and rated for the items being stored.

Our End-to-End Project Delivery Model

From idea to delivery, Daywalk pay attention to the detail every step of the way.

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Project Scoping >

We take the challenge to our technical team for scoping & concepts

Client Review >

We take the time to listen to your feedback and produce a final proposal

Engineering >

We ensure our proposal is engineered to meet standards & requirements

Manufacture >

Once you approve, we proceed with manufacture & delivery planning

Project Manage >

A dedicated project manager will keep you updated on the progress.