Steel cages are basically shelves or cages set on top of a pallet or platform and made of steel. They are also known as stillage, pallet stillage, pallet cage, or mongoose cage. They are sometimes called wire cages due to the steel mesh sides that do make them look like cages.


Steel cages are foldable, durable, sturdy, and some have folding doors or hinged doors. These containers are portable by forklift or other lift systems. They are used for various transportation purposes like the transport of heavy goods, bulk materials, automotive parts, and many more.


Prominent features why steel cages are safer for transportation:


The Daywalk metal cages for transport purposes are constructed of rigid metal and heavy duty wire mesh – making them very durable. These cages are rust-resistant, being manufactured from galvanised steel, which makes them almost impervious to rust. As an investment, they provide financial longevity. Aside from durability, there is the reusability factor preferred by industries for efficient transportation.


Some steel cages come with folding or hinged doors that make it easy for workers to load and unload goods when necessary without moving or lifting the cages. Two cages can also be stacked to save space inside vehicles or shipping containers.


Designed for strength, steel cages are capable of holding other heavy containers or pallets that can also be locked inside the cage to protect the cargo.


Nowadays, more and more logistics companies are choosing metal cages because they are also capable of carrying bulky industrial goods in transit.


Steel cages are more than capable of carrying automotive parts while being transported, a boon to the automobile industry. The cages can also carry bulky goods, hardware, and metal parts for industries and factories. Cages are even capable of holding large equipment such as generators while being safely transported.


Naturally, before purchasing metal cages, one needs to check their quality, so only the best quality steel cages are chosen for transportation purposes. Aside from this, you also need to check the load bearing capacity, length, and width of the cages if they suit particular specific needs. Also, take note of hinged or folding doors if they are needed or not, and the number of doors in a cage.


At Daywalk, one can ask for quotes for specific transportation needs so more affordable steel cage options can be selected. Daywalk specialises in the preservation and long-term protection of equipment and critical spare parts even while being transported. This is because the company is passionate about its clients’ preventing wastage. All steel cages are designed and manufactured to become quality and innovative protection systems, giving clients peace of mind that their precious resources are safe and preserved even while in transit.


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