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Steel Pallets and Their Use in Transporting Heavy Equipment Between Sites

Have you ever had the experience of driving behind a truck, and hanging back a bit – because you’re scared the load will come off?


The challenge is, industrial companies – whether in manufacturing or heavy industry – continuously experience unexpected requirements in packaging and transporting of heavy equipment. Extremely heavy, bulky, or over-sized, industrial products often require special handling and using reliable steel pallets, crates, and strapping and bracing. This is because a single failure in a pipe, steel, or heavy equipment load will mean disaster.


Failure is never an option for heavy industrial storage and transporting.


For businesses and companies involved in heavy industrial, pipe, steel, or heavy equipment, what is needed is a reliable transport storage and packing partner that can be counted on getting products and equipment to its destination safely.


Protecting heavy equipment with steel pallet

Packing and transporting heavy machinery is a serious challenge. Supporting shipments weighing over 2000kg while attempting to rigidly follow domestic and international shipping specifications and regulations. All this requires a depth of knowledge of Chain of Responsibility, some common sense, and the best steel pallets available from Daywalk.


Creative solutions to top heavy equipment challenges

For example, a problem like this could occur, such as a 10T electron beam processing equipment with a challenging shape and is top heavy. In this case, it is clear that conventional wood pallets could not be used. To help with the unequal weight distribution, a steel pallet needs to be used for better support from below. Custom spreader plates and bolts would also be used for CoR compliant restraint. 


For another example, crated equipment that weighs some 12T but could not exceed a height of more than 1000cm. Again, steel pallets could better support these heavy crates rather than conventional wood pallets. Based on both examples, you can see that since height is the main issue here, the steel pallet serves as the anchor for the heavy load weight while supports, braces, and brackets serve as the height solutions.


Steel is the ultimate all-weather option

The steel pallet is – undebatable – the hardier all-weather alternative to wooden pallets. In almost all applications about carrying weight, steel pallets are the higher option. And Daywalk steel pallets are also easy to handle than any hardwood counterpart. Two significant advantages speak for themselves:

  • Steel is not subject to weather-based or natural decay even after long periods.
  • Steel is stronger than wood, and there will never be instances of boards popping off after frequent use.


In spite of the difference in cost between steel pallets and wooden pallets, one needs to view steel pallets as a long-term investment. Put everything down with pen, paper, and a calculator, and one will see the cost, time, and labour saved by investing in a stronger and more reliable pallet option. Also, Daywalk steel pallets are standardised to Australian pallet size and have international pallet racking compatibility. After purchase, the pallets are ready to be put to work immediately.


Take a look at Daywalk’s Pallet Steel line-up in:

  • 2330x1500mm Rated 6T
  • 1165×1165 Closed Slat
  • 580x1165mm Rated 1T
  • 1165x1165mm Rated 2T
  • 2330x1165mm Rated 3T
  • 1165x1165x185mm Four Way Entry Steel


For more information on durable steel pallets, visit Daywalk at https://daywalk.com/.