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The Benefits of Using Steel Cages in Operations

Reducing operational costs is becoming essential for businesses to survive through the COVID pandemic. So, how can a company benefit from using metal cages in their operation?  Investing in long-term, sustainable storage solutions like steel cages may seem counterproductive in the short term, but will greatly improve the bottom line in the long run. The applications of steel cages are many and varied…


Gas bottle storage

Aside from the ability to transport gas bottles safely, steel cages can safely secure gas bottles for outdoor storage. For instance, lockable steel cages are ideal for gas bottle storage in retail stores.


Cardboard box storage

Cardboard boxes are most often wrapped onto pallets for storage. However this means pallets have to be wrapped and re-wrapped every time a box is taken from the pallet. Metal cages, on the other hand, can contain boxes without need for wrapping, saving large amounts in consumable packaging costs. And for specific products that require security to prevent theft, the lockable lids and gates of steel cages can offer the required security.


Military storage solutions

Military and government agencies may require high-security storage solutions for sensitive inventory items. This can be covered by metal cages that are stronger, more durable, and provide better security than flimsy wire cages.

Machine or equipment security

When you have machines, equipment, or spare parts that require warehouse storage and security, you need steel cages that offer safety, security, and visibility for inspection.


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