Pallet and pallet cages have become an underlying commodity in safeguarding products for warehouse storage and packaging solutions. Stillages come in various sizes and shapes but whatever the use for cages, the function always remains the same.

The Omni-tuff pallet cage is composed of an anti-tilting under-rail that serves as a safety factor against tilting on the forkift. The warehouse industry uses stillages because of their durability. Cages are made from metal materials such as galvanised steel that have the ability to endure maximum load capacity and could tolerate pressure and impact that lessens cage damage. They possess the ability to safeguard products as well as house and safe-keep a variety of products to avoid them from being damaged.

These pallet cages also have the following features:

They are long-lasting since they are made from metal. The cage can withstand humidity and corrosion.

They are easy to stack. The enclosures are portable, and the post bars are designed to fit the end bars of another cage, securing it together and keeping it in its place. They also come with a side with a hinged gate that has locks for easy access of goods inside the cage.

They are flexible, as the pallet enables the cage to be moved around easily using a pallet jack and forklift.

They also help minimise the usage of area space. Since they can be stacked, cages can accumulate space vertically instead of consuming horizontal space in the warehouse that could be used for other commodities, such as adding more space for another stack of pallets and stillage.


Timber Based Cage, is a lightweight caging system which uses timber pallet as base flooring. Types of timber based cages are:

VisionMod Pallet Cage 800mmH w/ 2 x Gate

VisionMod Pallet Cage 500mmH w/ 2 x Gate

VisionMod Pallet Cage 300mmH w/ 2 x Gate

VisionMod Pallet Cage 300mmH w/ 1 x Gate

VisionMod Pallet Cage 800mmH w/ 1 x Gate

The pallet cage, or stillage, is a caging system with steel pallet as base flooring. An advantage of steel cages is its ability to be inflammable; it is flame-resistant and prevents the spreading of fire. Types of steel cages are

Zinc International Stillage 800mmH

International Stillage 1420mmH

International Stillage 300mmH

International Stillage 500mmH

International Stillage 800mmH


Upon ordering Daywalk pallet cages, it will come in a flat-pack, collapsible structure for easy handling. Pallets and stillages have become a revolutionary item that has improved the methods of warehouse storing solutions. Stacking stillage has never been this efficient! For orders, contact us now at

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