Moving products at a minimum of wastage and the least possible cost to the company and even the environment is what optimising transport packaging is all about. The products loaded into trucks as well as the choice of packaging materials and use of PET strapping to secure loads all play essential roles.


Typical problems that usually occur are the heavier pallet loads, products that extend past the edge of the pallet, leaving too much margin between products and the edges of a pallet, and under- or over-packaging. This leaves much to be desired in securing loads with PET strap.


Make sure you don’t overload the pallet

Optimal transport packaging depends on the needs and processes of each individual company. Likewise, primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging strongly influence each other. For example, the size of cardboard packaging is best chosen as a function of its possibilities for loading onto pallets. Strapping, especially when using PET strap, must also be taken into consideration.


Overloading a pallet is unsafe. Loading pallets in an optimal configuration is not the same as loading them to the maximum. It is strongly advised that there should not be an empty space between products and that there should be as little spacing as well between loads to prevent load movement. In this way, any PET strap and other strapping used will genuinely keep the load tight and balanced.


Some points that need specific attention:

Plan extra strengthening under the lower pallets when stacking loaded pallets.

Make sure that any strapping used to stabilise the load on a pallet is sufficiently strong. PET strap lose a great deal of their tension and holding power when there is considerable shaking and vibration during transit.

Consider the time and distance over which the products must be transported. State-to-state packaging must be twice as secure on average as those for internal transport within a state. Transport packaging sent overseas must be up to seven times stronger.


For really Durable PET strapping, consider Daywalk.


PET Strapping Orange Embossed

Daywalk’s PET Strap is produced from polyethene terephthalate material. It is the best alternative to the use of steel or metal straps. PET strap is always paired with a PET system manual strapping tool or battery-operated strapping tool. This type of PET strap is available in orange colour and 16mm and 19mm sizes. The 16mm has an indicative break strength of 540kg while the 19mm has an indicative break strength of 722kg.


When it comes to restraints and strapping, Daywalk is the leader. Visit their site at

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