What is VCI paper? And what is it meant to do for my product?

Firstly, let’s break the name up into to parts:

  • VCI
  • Paper

VCI: this stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor; this vapour is emitted by the paper and it forms a hydrophobic layer/shroud around the metal surface, thus preventing water or moisture from coming in contact with the metal surface and it it therefore reduces greatly the potential that normally exists of rust forming. According to Dictionary.com, Hydrophobic means, having little or no affinity for water. The VCI forms a ‘chemical’ barrier.

Paper: because of the properties of paper, any beads of condensation that form (typically on the underside of the plastic outer cover or bag) are absorbed by the paper, and an ecosystem is formed. As the temperature cools and condensation forms, the paper is ready to grab any beads of moisture thus stopping these from dropping from the underside of the plastic and hitting the steel surface. As the temperature rises, the water droplets that had been absorbed by the paper are then given off, and so the process repeats itself. The paper provides a physical barrier.

The VCI paper provides a belt-and-braces assurance: the outer plastic protects the item from rain and large volume moisture; if the plastic or foil is VCI impregnated, this outer cover will emit the volatile corrosion inhibitor and thus protect the metal surface. The VCI paper acts as a physical barrier between the outer plastic or foil and the metal surface itself as any beads of moisture that do form and become heavy and drop form the plastic do not land on the metal surface, because the VCI paper is in the way.

VCI paper represents an excellent value-for-money solution to help ensure that your metal items are protected suitably

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