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illustration on how VCI works

What is VCI?

VCI or Volatile or Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor is a class of corrosion inhibiting chemical compounds that have sufficient vapour pressure to release molecules into the air. The main purpose of VCIs is to protect metals from rust by decreasing the corrosion rate of materials by absorbing moisture on or around the material. This is because moisture and condensation are the starting points of the oxidation process of rust. VCI materials include VCI emitter or desiccant products, VCI bags, and VCI plastics.

how VCI works

For VCI treated products and VCI plastics, Daywalk.com is the one to trust.

How does VCI work?

When an electrolyte such as moisture, humidity, and oxygen is present on the surface of a metal, rust or corrosion begins. When electrons begin flowing around the metal, the corrosion process results in the formation of oxidation on the metal. VCI products and materials (such as those DAYWALK’s VCI) prevent this reaction by inhibiting or depressing all the mechanisms that trigger oxidation such as absorbing moisture or inhibiting oxygen, or both. Electrolytes attempting to flow through the anode to begin oxidation are also prevented by the presence of VCI. The VCI molecules attach themselves to the metal surface to form a thin and invisible film to protect the metal from moisture and condensation.


VCI technology works in all DAYWALK VCI treated products. For many years since its Daywalk VCI films, bags, covers, plastics, e-Gel Silica bags, silica refillable breathers, desiccants, and emitters have prevented the formation of corrosion, or at least prevented rust from spreading.

DAYWALK VCI products have proven to be effective in protecting metal products and parts even during manufacturing and throughout shipping and storage. You will find Daywalk VCI products used in mining, oil and gas, and other heavy industrial sectors.

DAYWALK has always been a market leader in helping companies preserve their vital spares and equipment. DAYWALK VCI products may be utilised individually or as a unique 3-part preservation methodology called 3-thirds. Also, most DAYWALK products such as its VCI covers and VCI plastics have triple protection action. The UV stabiliser provides longevity protection, the inhibitor reduces rust formation, and its UV block capability blocks UV ray entry which can break down critical perishables.

heavy metal load sealed in vci plastic

When looking for VCI plastics and other VCI-treated products, visit Daywalk.com.

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