The discovery of metal has played a vital role in the eventual development of industries. It has been a part of our evolution since the stone age period when people used stone tools and weaponry. Today, the importance of steelworks is indisputable, for it can aid multiple products in

almost every industrial sector. Steel is the main material in manufacturing equipment such as metal stillage, steel pallet and metal cages, especially in the thriving industry of shipping and warehousing.


Pallets are necessary tools that are extremely helpful for handling and loading systems. They help protect merchandise by supplying a safe platform which provides security against dirt, moisture or any foreign objects found on the ground. They also allow secure transportation of goods and critical spares due to their structural design which permits mobility. But which type of pallet is more efficient to use? Wooden or steel ones?


steel pallet

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Wood Vs. Steel

When it comes to resilience, there is no doubt what steel can do. Although wooden pallets are sturdy, they are only advisable for lighter loads. Daywalk steel pallet can carry a maximum weight capacity of up to 10 tonne, and the gridded top surface can allow secure strapping of any shape and size of products without compromising or damaging the shipment. And unlike other steel structures available in the market today, Daywalk brands are trusted and can endure extreme weather, are resistant to damage even from steel corrosion. To get the best out of your purchase, only select the top brand to ensure quality and performance.


Reasons to Choose Steel Pallets

In considering the protection of equipment, steel pallets are the best choice. Below is a list of the reasons why Daywalk is  the brand to rely on:

  • A wider range of uses compared to wood pallets
  • Can carry heavier loads compared to wood pallets – can handle items up to 10 tonnes
  • An engineered pallet made for convenience: easy to load and unload products
  • Low maintenance due to its high-quality structure, and does not contaminate the load; guarantees the longevity of products 
  • Longer endurance compared to wood pallets 
  • Repairable and recyclable for better sustainability
  • The surface is non-absorptive, making it dry and slip-free. It is also non-breakable
  • Compatible to automated handling machine systems
  • Ideal for long-term outdoor storage and near ocean location storage
  • Resistant to fire, and does not aid the spread of fire
  • Can easily adapt to any environmental conditions like change in temperature, especially during the winter season
  • Simple to stack
  • Can be utilised for exporting, does not carry contagions and diseases
  • Can be modified according to size, colour and logo to meet the requirements of the company
  • The price is worth the quality; it saves you from buying new ones for replacement


Choose only Daywalk steel pallet; it can carry any heavy load within its capacity. Its rated structure can withstand extreme weather and high temperatures. For more information and bulk orders, contact us today through our official website at Daywalk,

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