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Why DAYWALK Steel Pallets & Frames Cost What They Do.

So, why do DAYWALK steel pallets & frames cost what they do? Good question. The purpose of this blog is to give you the unfiltered reason why.

So, you might be wondering, why would I pay a premium price for a steel pallet, when I can go buy a timber pallet for $50 – $100. Or, why wouldn’t I just go to my local fab shop and get them to wack together a custom steel frame? Well, this is why.

The biggest reason why DAYWALK steel pallets cost what they do, is because they are an engineered solution.

This means that we have a team of world-class in-house engineers that design our frames. We run our frames through what we call a finite element analysis process. This means we simulate a truck in an emergency breaking situation.

What may that be? Well, if a kid runs out in front of a truck, the driver will do everything he can to avoid taking that child’s life, so he will stand on the brakes. And when an emergency brake of that nature happens, things can go flying.

The process does not stop there however. It then goes to a third- party engineer who verifies our work. So, when you, the end user, receives our pallets, you can be assured that we have done the calculations and tests to prove that in an emergency braking scenario, they will hold up.

The process then continues to build and fabrication, where more factors set DAYWALK apart from the rest.

We have a stringent quality process, including inspections, material certification and testing. Our engineering team has decades of combined experience in manufacturing and logistics.

We also understand the importance of having a ruggedised coating. It’s easy to paint something yellow and make it look good, but the truth is that there could be a whole host of rust issues hiding underneath. That is why our products are hot dip galvanized, a very heavy-duty outdoor coating system.

In addition to this there is the obvious reason that steel and fabrication is a much more expensive process than getting a local sawmill to knock up a pallet for you.

Our range is also in-stock, compatible with a whole range of adjustable accessories, meaning they are multiuse, and come with a QR-code guide system.

So essentially, while our range looks the best and is in stock ready to be shipped to you, it’s a far deeper matter than that. We understand transport engineering. Very few companies actually understand factors such as emergency braking; we are industry experts in this field.

So why does this matter? This matters because emergency braking does happen, transport frames do fail, and fatal accidents do occur. This not only impacts lives, but it impacts every single organization involved in that supply chain, that is when Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws and major fines kick into play.

Get in contact with us today and start on the journey with DAYWALK towards real safety and compliance.