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Daywalk steel pallets securing heavy equipment

Steel Pallets: Why is DAYWALK a Transport Frame Leader?

What is a transport frame?

A transport frame, are customised or semi-customised steel frames specially made to transport complicated loads long distances on our roads. These transport frames are needed for loads that are susceptible to damage and are fragile and awkward to move around due to their size, weight, shape or potential instability. This can also include loads of multi-item consignments.

Examples of such loads include large machinery components, including wheel-ends, engines, and cylinders as well as fixed plant spares like gearboxes, motors and drive-shafts.

Daywalk transport frames

For transport frame solutions, visit Daywalk.com.

At present, the status quo of most transport frame companies is to customise transport frames, especially if what is being transported will cover a long travel distance. Naturally, all these Australian companies manufacture their transport frames following structural requirements so that the transport frame is able to support the load of the part or component. While these transport frames adhere to structural standards, they are let down by:

  1. Being customised, these transport frames can only be used for a single purpose, single load, or for a specific single-use.
  2. Being customised, these transport frames are costly to produce, and engineering and  manufacturing may take weeks.

However, there is a better solution to the above mentioned, and this is in the DAYWALK difference.

What is the DAYWALK difference?

The DAYWALK difference offers a better and unique solution for transport frames. Naturally, the company understands that government compliance could never be compromised, and neither should security and safety. But the solution and difference could also save time and money compared to conventional and costly customised solutions.

The DAYWALK difference is called the “Meccano-style System.” It stresses ease of use and versatility. Instead of costly customising, a prefabricated and pre-engineered system is used to suit the client’s transport needs.

DAYWALK’s “Meccano System” is designed to suit a wide variety of applications without the need for expensive customising, giving the client versatile options. It starts by selecting the best steel pallet in terms of weight, load capacity, and size.

Daywalk steel pallets supporting heavy loads

For heavy-duty steel pallets, get in touch with Daywalk.

The steel pallets are supported by a range of accessories that can be selected for their flexibility of use. DAYWALK patented Bolts are used to secure the pallet load, and these bolts can be moved around to suit the load each time. DAYWALK Chocks can be used for cylindrical and round-shaped loads, while also using the Bolts to secure the load. DAYWALK Adjustable Legs can secure much larger, oversized, or bulky shaped loads. To remove the danger of steel-on-steel contact, we offer rubber Anti-Slip Mats so you can BeAssured that the load will not come loose.

How do we make logistics engineering safer?

The DAYWALK transport frame system is not only manufactured structurally, but is logistics engineered for compliance to the Performance Standards (as defined in Schedule 7 of the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation 2018) and AS3990:1993. This means that the whole DAYWALK “Meccano System” not only assures clients of a safe transport outcome, but each solution is logistically engineered to the correct standards.

Logistics engineering means that not only are products designed and manufactured to meet all government standards, but products are also designed to uphold beyond any integrity when subjected to sudden harsh forces. Each pallet and solution is logistically engineered to comply with all Australian safety standards.

The DAYWALK solution

DAYWALK is a fully-owned Australian company with a growing global supply chain. With new logistics frontiers facing the future, DAYWALK uses improved logistics engineering to find less costly ways to transport, without compromising safety and security. For your company’s needs for transport frames or other special projects, call us on 1300 662 987. You can also message your enquiries HERE.