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daywalk steel pallet withstands heavy loads

Why is the DAYWALK Steel Pallet Modular System Such a Game-Changer?

What is the status quo for transport frames?

As the name implies, a transport frame is a standard piece of equipment used to transport heavy cargo or machinery for heavy industries such as manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas. It is sometimes called a custom transport frame because it can be customised to carry a specific type of cargo while also fitting on top of a flatbed truck. Because it is a somewhat customised transport frame, it has a specific length, width, and frame due to the particular tonnage limit it is tasked to carry.

Being customised and specialised to carry a specific cargo, the metal frame is fabricated. The equipment or cargo fits perfectly on the transport frame and is held down at tie-down points to keep the cargo secured. They are made of galvanised steel for additional strength and rust protection.

Though transport frames have proven helpful in the past, it suffers from one flaw: Its purpose-built basic framework is made to carry only a single specific piece of heavy equipment or machinery.

Though made of steel, most transport frames only have a load-bearing capacity between 400kg and 1 tonne. When not in use, they are not stackable and will take up much space in a warehouse.

Why is the modular steel pallet system so effective?

Unlike the customised transport frame, the steel pallet is a modular system with a basic platform frame. While some steel pallets may be customised in size, length, and width, their thickness, forklift entry points, and tie-down locations remain the same because of the primary frame design. This means that a standard steel pallet can carry various cargo, equipment, machinery, parts, materials, and cargo because the patented bolting system and accessories can be moved around due to the modular deck design.

Steel pallets are a practical modular system that can carry loads between 1 tonne and 12 tonnes, covering most intermediate-sized equipment. The steel pallet tie-down points can also be used with a wide range of unique accessories for hold-down bolting, choking, spreader, and even anti-slip mats to prevent steel on steel contact. When not in use, they are stackable to make storage easy and take up little space.

Because of its durable galvanised steel material, each steel pallet gets more value for money due to its long-lasting ability. Its longevity to outlast transport frames, wooden pallets, and plastic pallets also means they can be easily cleaned and sanitised.

As a modular system, a company can request to have its own customised compliant steel pallet transport system. This custom-built modular solution can use pre-engineered frames or build from scratch.

How can you ensure complete compliance on-road?

The steel pallet modular system design and engineering ensures that it meets all Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance requirements.

This is what makes DAYWALK steel pallet modular systems both effective at carrying heavy loads, equipment, and machinery, while ensuring being fully CoR compliant.

Whatever heavy industry you’re in, DAYWALK steel pallets and modular systems ensure that your precious cargo, equipment, and machinery will be delivered on-site safely and securely while ensuring that the heavy load is secured and safe during the transit period in accordance with the requirements of CoR compliance.


DAYWALK’s steel pallets and steel pallet modular systems have proven to improve safety and efficiency as well as productivity when transporting heavy loads and cargo. If you are ready to discuss your needs with us, talk to our team by calling us on 1300 662 987. You can also send your enquiries HERE.