CamLock Straps in Australia


CamLock Tidy Straps for Safe Storage of Goods on Pallet Racking

Wondering how you can increase efficiency in your warehouse? Then CamLock Tidy Straps are the perfect solution for you! It is re-usable, easy to use, it saves you time, and it has high visibility. Daywalk CampLock Tidy Straps Hi-Vis are accredited and labelled. Various Widths: 25mm & 50mm Various Lengths: 3m, 5m, 7m Break Strain: 250kg-500kg

“We also thank you again for the continued communication and feedback throughout the entire process, from product development right through to the straps landing in our Warehouses. The Daywalk CamLock tidy straps will greatly improve the safe storage of goods in our pallet racking.” Multinational Service Provider

How the CamLock Came About

Daywalk developed the CamLock strap in response to constant feedback from our customers that ‘we need a solution to help us reduce wastage of PET strap’. By using the CamLock, our customers are now able to reuse this strap many times without having to constantly cut and waste PET Strap when picking and packing palletised goods. Enquire today about which CamLock will suit your application best – our team is ready to help you.

FAQs on CamLock Straps

Can I get Custom Branded CamLocks for a project I am working on? Yes, Custom Branding is open to you – ask our team today!

What is the load rating of CamLock Straps? 50mm wide strap – Break Strain Rating – 50mm – 500daN +/- 5% 25mm wide strap – Break Strain Rating – 25mm – 250daN +/- 5%

How does the lever work? See the above video.

Does the CamLock save time? Yes – your team saves time by not having to constantly cut, dispose and restrap pallets each time you access goods from that pallet. Contact Us