Find out about our Jam Sandwich Story and how the DAYWALK name came
about through a true commitment to service of others. This care and
commitment still continues today in that we are designing and
manufacturing systems that protect “People” and make
a difference in their lives. Our  innovation approach to solving
challenges means that we collaborate closely to create a solution that
will be Fit For Purpose and safe to use in that
environment. We go to great lengths to engineer our products such that
when they are in transport they can stand up to the forces of braking
and inertia, when they are in storage they can keep a load safe at height,
and when in preservation and deep storage, they will last the distance
and keep your equipment rust-free.

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What we’re made of

DAYWALK is a fully Australian owned company with a growing global supply chain. Our entire evolution has been built on a foundation of trust from our original engineering service company, SMS Omni-feed, through to Omni-tuff and now DAYWALK as we advance to a future fueled by new logistics frontiers.

Our mission is to become:

The most Innovative Transport Frame design company in the world.

We are a full-suite industrial design company, creating best-in-class innovative transport frame systems for heavy industry. Since our beginnings, our story has been driven by care for the wellbeing of others, creating ‘BeAssured’ for those we partner with. Our journey has always had meaning, as we meet the evolving needs of heavy industry transport by making sure our roads are a safer place, because Life is Precious. Our end-to-end process ensures that we create the most advanced transport frame systems ensuring that leading heavy industrial companies are able to keep their loads safe in transport, meeting their compliance and people-safety obligations.


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Our People First ethos is instilled internally in our culture and externally with clients in a supportive relationship framework built on transparency, integrity, and trust. The core principle of safety for all Daywalk people sits at the heart of everything we do.

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You can’t provide a solid solution without listening to exactly what’s required first. The Daywalk team are committed to taking the time to understand clients’ unique challenges and responds with accurate logistical solutions tailored to clearly defined deliverables.

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Great design outcomes are only derived by individuals driven to achieve great results. Our combined team experience compounds into a powerful innovation collective that thrives on the opportunity to design world-class systems that set new industry benchmarks.

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Extensive Daywalk research and development practices have been sharpened over time across the central inputs of skills, materials and technology. Every element of form and function must perform at optimum levels across all environmental conditions; indoors or outdoors, static or transit.

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Daywalk is an integral link in our clients’ supply chain so it’s critical all of our systems comply with the highest level safety standards including Chain of Responsibility Legislation Australia (COR). In collaboration with official compliance bodies, we help develop stronger safety standards for the benefit of heavy industry, worldwide.

What our customers are saying

We use Daywalk as a problem solving company

Warehouse Manager

We see Daywalk as an innovative problem solving company

Warehouse Manager

With Daywalk it's all about customer service. This is several levels up from ‘next level’

Site Manager

You are going to get a good result

Site Manager

Impressed me with their willingness to meet my timelines and needs

Logistics Manager

The personal touch is great… From the beginning they gave me a good feeling

Logistics Manager

Daywalk are a professional organisation that will quickly understand your needs

Logistics Manager

It’s always a pleasure to deal with them and I trust them. They’ll do the right thing

Warehouse Manager

I have pitched them across the business as a product that lasts

Warehouse Superintendent

Very happy with service provided - working in such a fast pace company, it’s nice to get prompt replies to questions asked, and a service that holds quality high

Purchasing, Hastings Deering

We erected the rack on Saturday and tested it out, everything works perfectly and is exactly what is required. Thanks All for the effort and constant communication to ensure your engineers designed it to our requirements, great outcome.

National Stores ManagerCement Supplier



Since our humble beginnings in 1999, the DAYWALK philosophy has
been underpinned by a future-proof focus to innovate. Every team
member and supply partner is committed to finding solutions to
logistical challenges that universally provide safe and effective
operational reliability. We see many challenges across heavy industry,
ranging from not having the flexibility you require in your transport
frames and stands to having loads falling from heights.