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Heatshrink Tools & accessories

DAYWALK’s Heatshrink Tools & Accessories offer a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of heat shrinking and preservation processes when securing equipment for transportation or storage.

Key products in this category include:

Portable Heat Shrink Starter Kit: This kit is perfect for on-site applications, providing all the necessary gear in one place. It includes a Shrinkfast Premium Heat Gun Kit, a Plastics Dispenser Trolley, heavy-duty shrink sheets, high-tack adhesive white repair tape, DAYWALK VCI anticorrosion powder bags and DAYWALK VCI identification tape​​.

Premium Gas Heat Gun: This lightweight and ergonomically designed gun is suitable for shrink-wrapping everything from pallets to large components. It features a patented cold-touch nozzle for safety and includes a storage case, pressure regulator, hose, swivel connector and wrench​​.

Electric Heat Shrink Gun: An alternative to traditional gas-powered guns, this electric model offers flameless shrinking of plastics, is equipped with a 3-phase, 10m cord and features a ‘cold nozzle’ for reduced burn risk.

Bench Impulse Heat Sealer with Cutter: This sealer is designed for sealing small component bags and heat shrink tubing. It offers the convenience of a built-in cutter for quick operation and is lightweight and easy to operate​​.

Keep your gear in top condition even under tough conditions with our heatshrink tools and accessories.

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