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Daywalk: The Story Behind the Name

You may well ask: where does the new name come from…and why did the name change from Omni-tuff? Is there a structural change? Is there new ownership?

All good questions.

In 2019, Omni-tuff launched an independent customer survey to drill into who and what Omni-tuff stood for in the minds of our valued, long-standing customers. It was the customers themselves that said it as they saw it…unfiltered, just exactly as their paradigm expressed it.

This was a moment of truth… and the incredible compliments were humbling. The survey highlighted how Omni-tuff made them feel and what their experience of the Omni-tuff culture was.

Then came the leading question: where does this culture come from?

The room fell silent. Everyone was hoping that someone would come up with the right answer. The answer came: it was totally different to what anyone could have planned or expected. One of the team said I think it comes from the founder’s mother – Trish.

Again, the room fell silent.

Absolutely – that’s what it was – the culture came from Trish. So what does this all mean?

For her, it was about people. She served others and gave nourishment to help them on their journey. Living in South Africa, she was acutely aware of the fragility of life, and by her giving something to someone each day, she was able to give them hope for another day.

This culture was adopted within the family business where loaves of bread were bought each day and jam sandwiches were given out to poor passers-by as they made their way into town. As many sandwiches as were made, were consumed. Life was precious.

As time went on, the room became immersed in the story. Everyone wanted to delve deeper; to know the exact location where this all took place. The question was asked – where did you live in South Africa? What was the city? What was the suburb? What was the street name? A goldmine of memories that had been swept into the background by many more recent events, came to the fore. It was almost like being asked to unpack the archives.

Cape Town was the city. Pinelands was the suburb. Days Walk was the street name. The atmosphere was electric. Days Walk, Days Walk… DAYWALK. That’s it – DAYWALK.

We did not look back.

Just as the focus was on giving that jam sandwich because Life is Precious, Daywalk is focused on solving the most complex storage and transport challenges, because Life is Precious. 20 years later as the second and third generations continue the family-run business in Australia, life on Australian roads and in Australian workplaces is where the Daywalk team put their focus.