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At Daywalk, we strive to understand the strategic objectives our customers are working to achieve
– whether it be a CEO, manager or superintendent. Through open collaboration, we gain profound
insights into specific logistical needs and design end-to-end protective preservation and storage
systems for critical spares and equipment both in a storage or transportation environment.



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At DAYWALK, our drive is to protect and enhance lives, through innovative engineered solutions and preventative safety training. We value life and well-being foremost and are accountable for the safety of others. We continue to work with industries and people who share in our united vision.

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Piping Spool SKN

Effective Piping Spool Protection Achieved

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PROJECT Piping Spool Preservation Solution   COMPLETION August 2020 SCOPE - Preservation Analysis - Rust Prevention - Integrated Solution - Preservation Management INDUSTRY SEGMENT - Oil & Gas Oil &…

VCI: Why Rust Protection Management is Vital to Safety in the Workplace

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If left untreated, rust can cause extensive damage through deterioration and the weakening of metallic bonds. What results is either work stoppage due to equipment failure or unwanted accidents that…

Lead-Painted Cages Compliance Challenge Solved

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PROJECT Steel Cage Safety Upgrades   COMPLETION June 2020 SCOPE - Storage Solutions - Supply Chain - Compliance Solution - Safety Management INDUSTRY SEGMENT - Defence Painted, non-racking compatible cages…

Why Do You Still Need to Use Pallet Collars?

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Let’s face facts. Many companies still use a considerable number of timber-based pallets. Some companies have even stored a lot of these wooden pallets for future use. To make the…

Daywalk Pallet Cages: The Cost-Effective VisionMod Cage

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Daywalk’s range of systems are designed to enhance safety and minimise waste by facilitating operational and cost efficiencies across the board. For instance, in the creation of the VisionMod Pallet…

The Business Case for Modular Pallet Collars

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Not many people realise that the pallet collar is a valuable solution that can be used to fulfil temporary or semi-permanent storage and product transportation requirements. If you haven’t yet…