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Welcome To DAYWALK

At Daywalk, we strive to understand the strategic objectives our customers are working to achieve
– whether it be a CEO, manager or superintendent. Through open collaboration, we gain profound
insights into specific logistical needs and design end-to-end protective preservation and storage
systems for critical spares and equipment both in a storage or transportation environment.



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At DAYWALK, our drive is to protect lives, through innovative engineered solutions and preventative safety training. We value life and well-being foremost and are accountable for the safety of others. We continue to work with industries and people who share in our united vision.

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DAYWALK Latest Insights

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UV/CI Heat Shrink Plastic is Part of a 4-Step Preservation Methodology

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The preservation of essential equipment and spare parts is critical in any industry, most notably in global mining, oil and gas, and defence. Moisture damage, corrosion, and rust can cause…