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Silica Gel & Breathers

DAYWALK’s Silica Gel and Breathers are tailored for effective moisture control in various industrial applications. This range includes the e-Gel Bags, e-Gel Pails and YDB Breathers, each offering unique moisture-absorbing capabilities.

The e-Gel Bags, available in 1kg sizes with observation windows, provide a convenient and efficient way to monitor moisture absorption. The orange silica gel turns green when it becomes moisture-saturated, allowing for easy visual assessment. The e-Gel Pails, offered in 12.5kg and 25kg options, are suitable for larger-scale applications, like in electrical power stations for transformer breathers.

DAYWALK’s YDB Breathers, with varying gel capacities, are engineered for air intake and out-flow filtration in electric transformer applications. These breathers feature easy screw-in applications and can be joined in series with other breathers, making them versatile for different operational scales.

Choosing DAYWALK for your silica gel and breather needs means opting for products that are not only effective in moisture control but also environmentally safe. Our e-Gel range is non-cobalt and non-toxic and meets international environmental standards, making it a responsible choice. Their ease of monitoring and reusability also ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness in long-term applications.

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