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Reusable Covers

DAYWALK’s Reusable Covers provide weather-proof and heavy-duty protection for critical spares and parts. Keep your equipment in great condition, safeguarding against dust, rain, UV rays and rust. The variety in the range ensures that there’s a cover suitable for different needs, including engines and cylinders, and they can even be custom-designed to your specific requirements.

The Full Height Reusable Pallet & Cage Cover is made with a highly durable material that is both UV-resistant and waterproof. It is equipped with heavy-duty zips for easy access and bungee tie-downs as well as clear, A4 document pouches on the front panel to organise your documentation with ease.

The Reusable VCI Covers are another innovative product, using cutting-edge naval-grade technology. These covers are particularly effective for medium to long-term preservation, suitable for both transport and storage purposes. The VCI technology offers maximum protection against corrosion, making it a reliable choice for preserving metal parts and components.

Unlike single-use plastic covers, DAYWALK’s reusable covers can be used multiple times, significantly decreasing the amount of waste. Combined with their durability and practical design, you’ll love this sustainable preservation solution.

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