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Heavy Duty Steel Pallets

DAYWALK’s Heavy Duty Steel Pallets offer a robust and versatile solution for the transport and storage of heavy equipment. Pre-engineered and transport-certified, they provide peace of mind, ensuring compliance with Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements.

Our range includes pallets with a variety of weight load limits (WLL), including 2T, 3T, 10T and 12T. Their galvanised and powder-coated build ensures longevity while lashing points and rated grid mesh provide multiple anchor points for securing straps or ropes to firmly hold the cargo in place. 

Our logistics certification and engineering underscore a commitment to safety and compliance while the compatibility of these pallets with a broad range of bolting and chocking accessories offers a ‘Meccano-like’ flexibility. This feature allows for the creation of safe transport frames tailored to your specific requirements, whether for cylindrical items, equipment with mounting plates or irregular spares.

We maintain a large stock of pallets and accessories, providing a time-efficient alternative to custom frames. This readiness and flexibility make DAYWALK a go-to choice for heavy-duty steel pallet solutions.

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