Certified Transport Systems

Get tailored precision transport frames that protect your assets and people. If you’re moving multiple sizes of components or complex loads, you need the correct frame to support

Daywalk’s durable transport frames and stands are independently certified. Patented and designed for functionality and safety, you can BeAssured in our innovative, world-class engineering.

Heavy Duty Steel Pallets

  • Ideal for transporting heavy equipment
  • Adjustable and compliant to Emergency Braking in Transport (EBiT)
  • In stock and safer than timber frames or pallets

Component-specific Frames

  • Unique and secure systems for common components
  • Complete protection and logistics certified
  • Adaptable for different item shapes and diameters

Bespoke Frames

  • Specialists in bespoke solutions to match your needs
  • World-class engineering capabilities
  • Full in-house design, certify and build process

Product Range

Why choose Daywalk Transport Frames?

Properly using transport-certified frames and engine transport stands are essential to fulfilling your Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations. If you don’t take reasonable steps to fulfil these requirements, you could face up to:

$300,000 fine or five years imprisonment (for each individual)
$3 million fine
(for your business)

There can be no room for errors when securing every single load. You must ensure that they:

  • do not cause the vehicle to exceed mass or dimension limits;
  • comply with the load restraint standard;
  • are secured so they do not become unstable, move or fall off the vehicle; and
  • have accurate load documentation.

Which Transport Frame is right for my business?

Complex components – such as motor shafts and driveshafts, fixed plant gearboxes, cylinders, engines, wheel ends and other large machinery – can be dangerous during transport without the right engineered logistics product. 

Depending on the shape, weight and size of your loads, you may be able to choose a quality ‘off-the-shelf’ option or need a customised solution.