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Component-specific adjustable frames

DAYWALK’s Component-Specific Adjustable Frames are meticulously designed to accommodate a broad range of industrial components, offering a harmonious blend of flexibility, safety and compliance. This range includes Cylinder Frames, Multi-Porta™ Frames, and Pump Frames, each tailored to specific logistical requirements.

The standout Transporta® Frames in this category are engineered for heavy components, capable of handling loads ranging from 4T to 30T. Notable for their vibration-dampening and full canopy, they are suitable for outdoor storage and field maintenance, and logistic certification means they meet stringent transport and safety standards​​.

The Multi-Porta™ Frames provide unmatched adjustability for large gearboxes and electric motors and can adapt to various base sizes and centres of gravity, ensuring a secure and snug fit. They are also stackable, enhancing storage efficiency, and come with elevated lash points for added safety during transport​​.

For transporting multiple pumps, especially vertical sump pumps, the 3T Adjustable Pump Frame features 9-axis adjustability and restraint lugs for secure transport. Logistics certified and engineered for complete protection and handling, it also comes with optional rust prevention for bare metal surfaces​​.

Selecting DAYWALK’s component-specific adjustable frames assures compliance with your Chain of Responsibility (CoR) duties and a precise solution tailored to unique industrial needs.

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