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SKN Peelable Coatings

DAYWALK’s SKN Peelable Coatings are a leading solution in rust prevention coatings. This range is specially formulated for easy application on various metal surfaces such as shafts and flanges. It is particularly effective in preventing rust in harsh environmental conditions and can be easily peeled off when needed, making it a versatile choice for both short-term and long-term protection.

The product range for SKN Peelable Coatings includes the SKN45 Aerosol and SKN20 4L Coating. The SKN45 Aerosol, designed for use on carbon and mild steels, is noted for its easy-to-peel, fast-drying nature and heavy-duty, impervious characteristics, making it ideal for external applications​​​​. The SKN20 4L Coating, suitable for stainless steel and other alloys, offers similar benefits with its durable, non-seepage and fast-drying properties​​.

Choosing DAYWALK’s SKN Peelable Coatings for metal protection ensures a high level of reliability and ease of use. Their ability to prevent rust and corrosion under various conditions, combined with their ease of removal and minimal residue, makes them an optimal choice and reflects DAYWALK’s commitment to innovation across our product range.

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