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SKN45 Aerosol Peelable Coating (Carbon/Mild Steels)

Formerly Seal’n’Peel 452, The all-new SKN45 Aerosol is a patented formulation which makes it even simpler to protect bare metal surfaces from rust. SKN45 is an easy-to-peel, fast-drying, surface protection coating developed by DAYWALK for the protection of critical spares from rust and other corrosion – where SKN is, the rust is not! The coating is heavy-duty and impervious, and is used for mainly external applications as a heavy-duty membrane for protection against rust.
  • Compatible with Mild Steel, Carbon Steel or Aluminium
  • Peelable: Easily peeled away when item is required again
  • Durable: Ideal for protecting metal products for long periods of time in extreme weather conditions
  • Fast drying: saves time and the product is sealed immediately
  • Non-seepage: this product provides the ultimate barrier for protection, no moisture will penetrate through
  • Non-residue: minimal cleaning required of the metal product once the SKN has been peeled away
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